When you come back from holiday in Turkey, you should not forget the souvenirs and small things that you should bring with you to remind us of the sunny weather and holiday atmosphere all year round. Here is a list of things to buy in Turkey.

Turkish sweets: baklava, turkish delight, pismaniye, rose jam, and a very unusual aubergine jam.

Turkish coffee . Coffee is not grown in Turkey, but is called Turkish coffee because of the way and degree of roasting of the coffee beans.


Turkish tea. Tea plantations are located on the Black Sea coast) and tea utensils.


 The spices are made from plants that grow in Turkey, such as:   Curcuma, dried ginger, paprika and pepper (there are sweet and spicy as well, because Turks like spicy things, so cafes always have hot pepper, either dried or pickled), Cumin, Thyme, dried Mint, Oregano, Saffron (one of the most expensive spices, which grows in Safranbolu town).  Black Cumin, Sesame, various spice mixtures for fish dishes such as "Osmani Spice Mix".


Sesame paste (Tahin Pekmez), which is usually sold together with grape syrup (Uzum pekmez), can be mixed together and used in sweet rolls or simply spread on bread.

Carob syrup (Keciboynuzu Pekmezi). It contains a whole complex of useful elements such as: naturally occurring sugar, choline, organic acids, vitamins B, D and A, tannins, fiber, pectin, zinc, sodium, phosphorus and potassium. Especially useful for children and pregnant women. Promotes normalization of the gastrointestinal tract, improves metabolism. Used for detoxification, excretion of toxins, diarrhea, poisoning, sleep disorders and nervous system. It is also used to strengthen the immune system and is a folk Viagra.


Amulet from the evil eye, Nazar, you can see it almost everywhere, in the form of pendants for home, in jewellery, key chains, painted on different dishes. Turks believe it helps against the evil eye.